Jerome Has Nowhere to Run

About a year ago, I wrote an article about sexual assault against boys and young men. In that article, I shared how boys and young men feel guilty, humiliated and blame themselves whenever they are sexually assaulted and abused by other boys or young men.

Jerome has nowhere to run
Boys and young men who go through sexual abuse blame themselves and feel guilty - Photo by adriannesquick (Pixabay)

Our team at Lifesong Kenya, met 22 year old Jerome today after learning he needs a safe space for healing and recovery. 3 weeks ago, a friend he has been living with, attacked and sexually assaulted him while he was having an epileptic episode that left him vulnerable.

When I first saw the request on our shelter”s WhatsApp wall yesterday, I did what I have been doing for the past 1 year, I hoped and prayed for someone to take up the case.

By 4 pm this evening, no one had taken up the case. We had no option but to drive to the hospital for preliminary interview as our car’s fuel gauge continued to blink. My heart sank when we stopped at Rubis Ngong Road to buy 200 shillings fuel.

Jerome has nowhere to run

Afer arriving at the hospital, my heart sunk further into my stomach. First, Jerome shared how the friend he has been living with, raped him while he was having an epileptic fit. Secondly, afer reporting the case, his friend was arrested then released by the police.

Thirdly, no GBV protocols were followed and all we have is Jerome’s verbal evidence that the sexual assault happened.

As I prepare to visit the police station, the house where the crime happened and the children’s home where Jerome grew up – things that require money and effort – my heart keeps sinking with fear, hopelessness and anxiety.

I am not able to process how I feel about everything that involves finding the right help, resources and funding that is required to take care of Jerome who, in addition to receiving medical assistance requires psychosocial support and a place to stay.

But, in the next 24-36 hours, our team needs to verify the information provided by Jerome by visiting the police station, the house where he was staying and drive to the children’s home in Limuru where he grew up and lastly (if everything is verified) find sponsorship for his 3 month stay at our Halfway House.

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