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The places where I coach vary from client to client. The initial meeting can be done using Zoom, WhatsApp or Google Meet. If you are in Nairobi, I prefer a physical meeting at a venue of your choice.  The initial meeting is absolutely free. However, if you buy me coffee or a plate of shrimps, the bill is on you!

To book a discovery session or ongoing service, follow this link.

Face to face meetings with clients are held either at our office in Ngong or at a venue of your choice. The meeting place has to be an ideal environment that is quiet and guarantees privacy and confidentiality of my clients.

Thanks to the advances we’ve made in technology, where I coach extends beyond Kenya. For those outside Kenya, Zoom, Google Meet or other virtual meeting platforms is okay.

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Clarity is being clear and particular about the goals you want to achieve. Having Clarity enables you to know exactly what you want. When you have clarity you are able to make informed decisions, have focus and lead a happier life.

I combine my nonprofit work and life experiences with my years of coaching experience and learning from other coaches to get the best out of my clients. I work with my clients to identify actionable strategies they can use to achieve their identified goals.

Since my clients are at a point where self-discovery can be mind-boggling, I put each of them and their situation at the centre by using attention, curiosity, tough love, intuition and creativity.

I first met James Ouma on social media while they were running a campaign about their annual cycling event in 2019. This caught my attention and I really got interested in knowing more of what he did as an individual. His passion and love for the boys he coaches is just exemplary. In my entire life as a community volunteer, I have never met someone as dedicated as James is in what he does. James is a true pillar in the community and especially to the lives of male teens. He is a mentor and coach that many boys and young men are lucky to have.

Margaret Muchugu

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