My purpose is to help boys and young men find clarity so they can achieve their full potential. I believe that every human being has unique strengths, abilities, and values.

When you find clarity, you will reach your desired goals and live your life to the fullest. Here is praise and testimonials from the happy clients that I have worked with.

“After I got arrested in 2017, I lost all hope and wanted to give up. Thankfully, I met James who played ‘Listen’ by Beyonce. I was interested in what James had to share and wanted to live a better life. James’ belief and encouragement helped me to go back to school. In 2019, I sat for KCPE and joined high school this year. Thank you Lifesong James!”
W Bulimu
REAM Program Graduate
"In 2018, I had lost all hope in life, I had no skills, no job and no sense of trajection. I met James Ouma during that time and through his Clarity Coaching and Mentoring Services I was able to get my first job and partly pay for college education. For any young man seeking Clarity Coaching this is the man to go to. You will not regret."
Craig Oloo
"As a mother, it's extremely hard to accept that your son is involved with social vices. I would get agitated and really question my capacity as a parent. But, James helped me get through this and even helped my son to overcome his struggles through coaching and constant guidance."
Margaret Muchugu
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