We've one clarity: helping clients find theirs. We know your son has the capacity to be a treasure that brings you joy, realize his full potential and thrive in his life through our Clarity Life Coaching.

Boys and male teens need to find clarity and to overcome their fears and forge ahead with confidence.

James Ouma
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Finding clarity may come easily for most adults, but for boys and male teens, finding clarity can be a bit overwhelming and can stunt the growth and development of a young person. I know because it happened to me!

I use the experience and valuable lessons I have learned in my life to help boys and male teens to gain clarity, build confidence and conquer fear so they can take inspired action and start living fulfilled lives, even when it feels impossible and overwhelming.

I first met James Ouma on social media while they were running a campaign about their annual cycling event in 2019. This caught my attention and I really got interested in knowing more of what he did as an individual. His passion and love for the boys he coaches is just exemplary. In my entire life as a community volunteer, I have never met someone as dedicated as James is in what he does. James is a true pillar in the community and especially to the lives of male teens. He is a mentor and coach that many boys and young men are lucky to have.
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Margaret Muchugu, Mom

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I combine my nonprofit work and life experiences with my years of coaching experience and learning from other coaches to get the best out of my clients. I work with my clients to identify actionable strategies they can use to achieve their identified goals. Since my clients are at a point where self-discovery can be mind-boggling, I put each of them and their situation at the centre by using attention, curiosity, tough love, intuition and creativity.

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