I work with clients who need clarity, confidence and the courage to conquer fear so they can take inspired action and start living fulfilled lives, even when it feels impossible and overwhelming.

Finding clarity may come easily for most adults, but for boys and male teens, clarity can be a bit overwhelming and can stunt the growth and development of a young person. I know because it happened to me!

I work mostly with boys and exceptional young men who are high achievers. Since I meet most boys through their moms, I end up being a sort of ‘Malcolm in the Middle.’ But, finding a healthy balance and explaining what I do and don’t, helps clear the air.

I work with moms who mean well and desire their sons to thrive. I’m a friend, a father-figure, a torch bearer and the light that guides the ship to my clients. As an individual who has experienced heartbreak, pain and failure, I am able to identify with my client’s struggle with the same issues.

I’m able to identify greatness, empathy, compassion and treasure in boys who struggle with life issues. I often work with boys who need affirmation from a big brother or a father-figure who isn’t afraid to tell them the truth and share from his struggles with fear, self-worth or doubt.

My clients include super achievers in high school, first year students in university, a middle aged man looking for the courage to pop the big question, a single mom who wants to get back to dating or an individual seeking fulfillment.

I use my life experiences and the training I am receiving from CTI, peer coaches or the many coaches who are my mentors.

  • Teenagers
  • School children
  • College and university students
  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Caregivers
  • Dating couples
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