About James Ouma

My name is James Ouma. My coaching journey has been full of adventure. In 2012, I met 100 incarcerated male teens and immediately knew they needed what I wasn’t able to give. Having grown up without a father-figure, I doubted my ability to meet the needs of the boys. But, it turns out that my experiences growing up without a father-figure was the key.

My next biggest hurdled happened in 2014 when I wanted to get married and had no finances. I just approached the girl of my dreams and kept going. On October 31st 2015, I married the girl of my dreams!

If you need clarity or want to propose to the girl of your dreams, just do it!

Clarity Coach

I’m a Clarity Coach who helps male teens and young men to find clarity. Finding clarity empowers you discover infinite treasure and achieve your full potential.

I understand what it’s like to identify the girl of your dreams, and not have the courage to approach her. I also understand what it feels like to be in transition as a young man and lack clarity to forge ahead. 

A husband and a father-figure now, I started coaching in 2017 to help clients to find clarity and regain their confidence. You already possess infinite treasure and poser inside of you. My role is to guide you to the next step. Let’s have a chat.

my story

why choose me

I combine the valuable experience I have gained through my life with the coaching skills I have learned from other coaches to help you find clarity.


I will honor your privacy, integrity and keep your agenda at the centre of our relationship.

emergency care

I will make a few exceptions and create room for unforeseen emergencies.


I uphold the utmost integrity and professionalism that will sustain our relationship.


I will cheer you and be your number one fan as we journey towards the ultimate prize.

The best thing about Coaching

Our coaching relationship and time together empowers you to tap into the best version of yourself.

How I can help you


Find Clarity

Work with me as your Clarity Coach, and get to start setting smart goals that will get amazing results.

Restore Confidence

Are you a young man who needs a boost of confidence and overcome your fears? Get in touch!

Repair Relationships

Have you ruined your relationship with your family and need a solution? Let’s work together

Review from Clients

“After my troubles in 2017, I lost all hope and wanted to give up. Thankfully, I met James who played ‘Listen’ by Beyonce. I was interested in what James had to share and wanted to live a better life.  James’ belief and encouragement helped me to go back to school. In 2019, I sat for KCPE and joined high school this year. Thank you James Ouma!”

Waylong Bulimu

“When I signed up for coaching with James, I needed help with changing my character, behaviour and the way I looked at friendship. I had not met a man who was genuinely concerned about me and my progress as a young man. Thank you James for changing my life and helping me to see my full potential!”

Teddy Ochung

“I met James Ouma when I was at a crossroad and needed help with finding clarity and setting smart goals. I also didn’t know my true identity (as a child of God), and appreciate this mentoring program for helping me to become a good leader, good actor, singer and an upcoming Master of Ceremony.

Basil Kungu

Contact us


Gikuyu Close, opposite Nairobi Business Park, off Ngong Road, Nairobi - KENYA


ojamesouma@gmail.com www.jamesouma.com


+254 724 411 109/ 0748 680 270

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