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For the past 7 years, I’ve been working in the nonprofit sector, helping male teens and exceptional young men to be more pro-active, be more appreciative, build their confidence and live more fulfilling lives. Here’s how I can help you.

Finding Clarity

Work with me as your Clarity Coach, and start setting smart goals that will get amazing results.

Boosting Confidence

Are you a young man who needs a boost of confidence and overcome your fears? Get in touch!

Championing You

I will cheer you and be your number one fan as we journey towards the ultimate prize.

Conflict Resolution

Have you ruined your relationship with your family and need a solution? Let’s chat!

Group Activities

Here are our group activities for male teens who are facing transition to adulthood, juvenile delinquency, need help with smart goal setting and a father-figure.


Coaching & Mentoring

If you have a teen who needs someone to walk with, then we are the go-to source. In addition, we also offer guidance and counselling services.

Themed Events

Themed Events

Our themed events use team building, camping, obstacle course, hiking experience, personal reflection and smart goal setting.

Intentional Reading

Treasure Hunt

Finding Treasure through Intentional Reading and creating a passion for reading in your son. This will bring life to books, words and spark creativity in your son.

Creative Writing

Creative Writing

Unleashing Creativity & Imagination and enabling your son to explore and exercise his creativity in story telling and writing.



We offer unmatched cycling experience that comes with our coaching and mentoring as a package.

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Talent Nurturing

Helping nurture the gifts and talents of children who are gifted in music, writing and preforming art.

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