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Ride with me as I join other volunteers for the Half Way Cycle 2021 Event in support of Lifesong Kenya and incarcerated male teens 

Ride With Me
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Lifesong Kenya is a Community-Based Organization that I founded in 2013. Being a grassroots organization, we seek to solve issues that affect the community. As a result, our success hugely depends on wonderful people like yourself. One of the best ways to support is by getting involved in our Half Way Cycle 2021 Event. It’s fun, interesting, and a meaningful way to help Lifesong Kenya to impact the lives of incarcerated male teens. No experience necessary! Fill out the form below to let us know how you can help. 

“I first met James Ouma after learning about Lifesong Kenya’s Half Way Cycle in 2019. In my entire life as a community volunteer, I have never met someone as committed as James is in what he does. He is a true pillar, a firm believer and a champion for those who are privileged to enjoy his services as a mentor and a coach.”

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Margaret Muchugu

Mom & Community Worker

“After my troubles in 2017, I lost all hope and wanted to give up. Thankfully, I met James who played ‘Listen’ by Beyonce. I was interested in what James had to share and wanted to live a better life. Riding with James and the Lifesong Kenya team in 2019, enabled me to gain courage, confidence and self-belief! Your support will help many young men like me!”

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Waylong Bulimu

Program Beneficiary

“Cycling with James and the Lifesong Kenya team in 2020 enabled me to give back to the society as well as tour the country. We were also able to inspire other people to use cycling as a tool to transform their communities. I remember in particular how we provided inspiration to a community organization to do their own fundraising through cycling.”

Bike Repair Basics Event

Sam Ouma


Help Provide a Safe House

On November 21 to December 2, 2021, the Lifesong Kenya Team of volunteers plan to cycle from Lake Victoria to Lunga Lunga to raise Kshs. 1.5 million (US $15000) to buy land where we can start building our Half Way House.  Donate KShs. 1000 (US $10) or more to help us reach our goal. You can also mobilize your family and friends to use our link to fundraise on our behalf. 
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