My Coaching Approach

I combine my nonprofit work and life experiences with my years of coaching experience and learning from other coaches to get the best out of my clients. I work with my clients to identify actionable strategies they can use to achieve their identified goals. Since my clients are at a point where self-discovery can be mind-boggling, I put each of them and their situation at the centre by using the following:-

  • Attention
  • Curiosity
  • Tough love
  • Intuition
  • Creativity
  • Intuition
Since clients already know what is best for them, we work together to design a coaching partnership where we explore concerns, challenges or issues. By putting clients and their needs at the centre, we create a safe and confidential partnership that enables the client to identify how they can do the following:-

  • Gain and develop clarity for their chosen path
  • Enhance their self-esteem and confidence
  • Embrace and learn from challenges
  • Improve their relationship with family, peers and others
  • Increase individuality and team work
  • Balancing learning, talents and personal growth
My Coaching Approach

Coaching Relationship

The coaching relationship includes 2-4 scheduled hours a month and voice mail/e-mail support between coaching sessions. Most coaching sessions occur via the phone.

My clients — even those locally — have found coaching via the phone can be more effective than in-person coaching for a variety of reasons. It can be:

  • Easier not to be distracted by our physical actions or surroundings
  • More efficient with the session beginning right away without extended social graces we might feel the need to practice in-person
  • Less inhibiting, and therefore easier to create trust and safety
  • Simpler to schedule sessions without commuting

I will schedule coaching sessions in-person if requested and as possible.

I welcome your questions via the phone or by e-mail. I also can schedule a free coaching session so you may discuss coaching and my approach and “sample” my coaching style.


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