I am not quiting because it is not an option

I am not quiting because it is not an option! That statement feels so empowering, inspiring and enabling. But that is not how I was feeling a few days ago when I came across my biggest hurdle in my Co-Active Training Institute’s Certification journey. Learn more. 

I am not quiting because it is not an option
My work with boys and young men in the Kenyan prison prison made me want to learn how to coach and led me to CTI

I used to read posts from coaches who have earned their Co-Active Training Institute certificate with lots of excitement and enthusiasm. That made me look forward to my own certification journey.

Then, I joined and started facing lots of challenges that coupled with my prison work, made me contemplate quitting. Since I don’t quit easily, this made me sad.

The month of June was very hard on me. I was receiving numerous phone calls from our landlord warning me to pay rent or close our Halfway House. Meanwhile, I would show up to our Pod activities thinking about giving up.

After a long reflection about what this would mean to me and the many boys and young men in prison, our Halfway House and the community, I decided to soldier on. Little did I know I was going to face another setback in my quest to become a certified CTI coach!

For the last 10 years, I have been developing programs through Lifesong Kenya. One of the biggest hurdles and challenges that I have had to face is finding resources, funding and people who can support our work. Along the way, I lost confidence in asking for help – especially for things that concern me and my personal welfare.

I am not quitting because it is not an option

So today, I reached out to Carol Mcneal who runs Shift Happens Coaching for help and support. Thank you Carol for pointing me to the truth and helping me see my treasure.

As I conclude, I would to do two things. First, despite the numerous challenges lying ahead of me in my journey to CTI certification, I am not quitting! I am choosing not to quit because I am the bravest of all men.  I am not quitting because it is not an option that will serve me well. Soldiering on is my only option because the boys that I work with and I need this.

Secondly, I need help with getting resources and funding so Lifesong Kenya can develop and offer coaching support to incarcerated male youth in Kenya. Through this, our young men will find their voice, learn how to use it by treating women and girls with dignity, honor and respect.

If you’ve passion for linking organizations with funding and resources or know someone who does, please reach out to me. I need your help!

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