Half Way Cycle 2021 Countdown

It is 17 days before we kick off our Half Way Cycle 2021! I am so excited, I can’t keep quiet as I start my Half Way Cycle 2021 countdown! This will be the fourth time that we will be doing this and this time round – and pedaling 🚴🚴🚴forward – things are different.

As a coach who works with make youth, one of my goals is to help provide transitional housing for male youth who need shelter and a safe space.

We have already started renting a halfway home where male youth exiting our prison program have a place where their reintegration back to their families and communities will continue smoothly. During their stay – for 3 – 6 months – the boys will receive training in employable skills, coaching, mentoring, job placements, financial literacy, personal branding and help with starting businesses.

I am grateful that we have already started working on plans to make this a reality through Green Cycle Shop- kenya and look forward to having more partnerships. Thank you Patrick Somer

This is a very big deal….

Because male youth who exit prison often face stigma, discrimination and retribution from family members, relatives, the police, the people they have wronged and the community at large.

Many of them end up re-offending and if they are lucky they go back to prison where they become hardened criminals who continue putting women, girls and the elderly at risk and in danger because these are the primary victims of violence and crime. Those who are not lucky, get killed by an angry mob or by the police.

Why a halfway home is a bid deal

By having a halfway home, Lifesong KENYA will be able to save more boys and ensure that your son has a business partner, a friend or a client. It will also ensure that your daughter has a loving, caring and courageous husband while your children will have a dad who is fully present and responsible. Lastly, our nation will have responsible male citizens who are able to treat women and girls with honor, dignity and respect.

This is also a big deal… I don’t know about you, but to me, it is a very big deal. I believe that supporting male youth who need a second chance and a helping hand should be a big deal to you too.

As I continue my Half Way Cycle 2021 countdown, I will be looking back to the last 3 events I have taken part in and share my experiences. I will also share what inspired me to start working with boys who are in prison. Right now, allow me to leave you with this image where I stopped to buy sugar cane during our second cycling event in 2019.

To learn more about our work, like and follow Lifesong Kenya on social media. If you would like to learn why I am cycling and support, kindly follow this link. I need your support!

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