Every Man Who Commits Evil Has a Cheering Squad

Every man who commits evil has a cheering squad that applauds evil doing. That is what happens when we turn a blind eye to issues that bring harm to the society and those who are vulnerable. In this article, and a few more to follow, I will be sharing why we shouldn’t allow this to continue. Here’s the full article. 

Every man who commits evil has a cheering squad
Crimes that are committed against women are often encouraged by those who cheer evil (Photo: Kat Jayne/Pexels)

With all the wrong things going on – right now – one thing is certain: every man who commits evil has a cheering squad. This includes the late Ravi Zacharias, Bill Cosby, Robert Sylvester Kelly and many other men who have done wrong and got away with it.

Closer to home, there are men – in our neighbourhoods, churches, the government, schools and businesses – who do wrong. Sadly, we create an enabling environment that helps them to get away with it. You and I have maligned, discriminated and spoken evil about other men, women and families.

We witness women and girls go through sexual harassment and keep quiet. Matatu drivers play derogatory music, and instead of speaking against it, we use our air pods to cancel the noise. Matatu conductors touch women and girls in ways that are demeaning, and instead of speaking against it, we turn a blind eye.  

We listen and participate in all manner of evil against people who are struggling with issues we have overcome. We say harmful things against other tribes, the poor, orphans, widows and other vulnerable people. And, by so doing, we contribute to the ever-increasing incidences of gender-based violence.

If you are a girl, boy or woman reading this, I would like to convey my sincere apologies. As a man, who has taken part in all of this, I have let you down with my silence and inaction.

Please, forgive me!

"Harmful habits do not happen overnight and out of sight. They happen in plain sight, where you and I watch and do nothing about it."

Njeri Wa Migwi

Founder, USIKIMYE!
Njeri wa Migwi

Harmful habits do not happen overnight

Every man who commits evil has a cheering squad that applauds evil doing. According to Njeri Wa Migwi, founder of Usikimye, harmful habits do not happen overnight and out of sight. They happen in plain sight, where you and I watch and do nothing about it. In the end, our collective silence is what instigates a culture of violence against those who are helpless.

Picture this.

A married man walks into a hotel with a drunken young woman. The man pays for a room where he gets intimate with his companion. Later, he walks out of the room and goes to the reception.

“Because I am a married man and it is getting late,” he says, “I want to rush to my dear wife and family. You remember the young woman I came with 3 hours ago? She is too drunk to go home, therefore, I would like to ask that she becomes your responsibility,” he adds.

At this point, the receptionist should realize that he or she is taking part in wrongdoing. As a result, he or she should be aware of the responsibility they bear when things go south. Consequently, the workplace should protect workers who exercise honesty and integrity while undertaking their duties. 

Since harmful habits develop over time, every man who commits evil has a cheering squad that they acquire along the way. This includes taxi drivers, waiters, hotel receptionists, personal assistants and peers who fail to hold the man accountable. This is the cheering squad that allows evil things to happen to other people and yet pray that the same fate does not befall them.

Why is the cheering squad silent?

Lack of accountability is what keeps the cheering silent. In her book titled Accountability (A Biblical Principle), Nelly Kagoru explains, “Accountability is the number one weapon that kills the ‘Island mentality’ of me, I and myself. When embraced positively and genuinely, it breeds productivity, excellence and respect.

That is a very profound statement!

Since time immemorial, man has made attempts to cover up wrong-doing, incompetence, immorality and crime. In church, we excuse this by saying that no church is perfect, which, when you think about it, is a cover-up.

Well, the Bible has numerous examples where cover-ups appear and fail miserably. The best example of a cover-up that turned sour appears in 2 Samuel 11 involving King David, Bathsheba and his trusted allies.

Because his peers had placed him on a high pedestal, King David was not accountable to anyone. This enabled to get away with evil deeds. However, God did not allow him to get away scot-free.

When Prophet Nathan visits King David, God pronounces judgement on David. Notice how the blame is attributed to David and not Bathsheba. Much as King David is a man who is after God’s own heart, he is not spared falling to Bathsheba’s temptation. Instead, he is judged based on his greed, jealousy, arrogance and lust that eventually led to the killing of Uriah, one of David’s elite soldiers and Bathsheba’s husband.

"Accountability is the number one weapon that kills the ‘Island mentality’ of me, I and myself. When embraced positively and genuinely, it breeds productivity, excellence and respect.”."

Nelly Kagoru

Author & Speaker
Nelly Kagoru

The power to do something different

Just like in a typical food chain, there is a chain of command when evil happens. Ironically, you don’t necessarily have to be at the top to wield the most power. Simply standing aside, watching and letting something evil happen, puts you in a position of power.

You can protect the evil-doer or save the one who is at the mercy of the evil-doer. As a result, your decision is what gives you power. The revelation of this power is birthed and affirmed in our own accountability to God, ourselves and others and evidenced through our resulting actions.

The choice of power is either to: 1) stand by and let evil things happen, or 2) stand up and nip evil it in the bud. It takes just one person, one voice to stop evil from happening. Are you that one person who will take a stand today and be the difference that our world yearns for?

Recommended Actions
Accountability A Biblical Principle - Nelly Kagoru
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This book will equip you with nuggets of timeless wisdom that you need to develop and cultivate accountability in your relationships. 


Usikimye provides safe and secure accommodation for women and children escaping from GBV where the beneficiaries receive, among other services, weekly therapy sessions with an accredited counsellor.

Every Man Who Commits Evil Has a Cheering Squad
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Every Man Who Commits Evil Has a Cheering Squad
Every man who commits evil has a cheering squad. That is what we become when we turn a blind eye to things that matter the most. Learn more!
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9 thoughts on “Every Man Who Commits Evil Has a Cheering Squad”

  1. This is powerful , timely and true! Thank you for mustering the courage to address this thorny issue . This article should be shared widely by all those who desire to see change.
    Indeed bad things continue to happen when good people are silent!
    Thank you James once again. Keep it going.
    Am cheering you on in this good work!

    Nelly Kagoru.

  2. This is a good article very articulate. I like.
    Now let’s settle something here, being a whistle blower has its own challenges. These challenges can lead to being sacked out of work, being seen as a “mtiaji” by colleagues or even lead to being beaten up by goons hired by the person you’ve told on among other things. We’ve become to a society that doesn’t want harm to come to ourselves. However, as an individual I have taken my stand and I’m ready to face the hardships ahead.

    1. Yo, Blackman! I am glad you’ve taken a stand and ready to face the hardships and I pray that Our Loving God, the Father, the Son and the Holy will continue shielding and protecting you. I agree, calling out wrong doing is one of the most hardest things and we do it, not because we are perfect but because we care and love each other.

    1. Hello Okal Jack, thanks for reading and for your comments. The cheering squad is made up of those who watch evil happen without saying a thing or holding the person doing the wrong thing accountable.

  3. When a woman is silent about her being battered by her husband, is she compromising or becoming a part of the cheering squad?
    Or should we say she’s afraid of being branded in the society?
    Is she afraid that she can’t survive without him?
    The Bible does not allow for divorce. Does she wait on to be battered to the grave?

  4. Evelyn Omulando

    Wow. Beautiful read. It has awakened something on the inside of me. I will not stand and see evil happen in my environment and still remain silent. I will speak out. I have to be accountable. This was awesome James. I have enjoyed it all through.

  5. Powerful, it’s true we pretend I included putting a blind eye on evil ravaging around us including evil being spread through social media that degrade the value of humanity across all gender and mostly inocent children.

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