Upcoming Events

10 April, 2021

Many boys are fascinated with bikes and cycling. Yet very few of them, if none, knows the basics of taking care of there bicycles. Our staff and enthusiastic cyclists will learn what it means to own a bike and take good care of it.

17 April, 2021

During our second weekend, we will teach boys the basics of taking care of a bike. The boys will learn how to fix a puncture, clean and repair their bike.

24 April, 2021

Sign up your son for our event where we will mix cycling, picnic and reading together.

Your son will learn positive masculinity, goal setting and take time for personal reflection before schools reopen. 

18 - 20 June, 2021

Sign up your teen son for our event in the month of June that coincides with Father’s Day . We’ll learn positive masculinity through team building events on an obstacle course, hiking experience, personal reflection and smart goal setting.

21 - 30 November, 2021

Join our team for a charity event that aims at raising funds and creating awareness for Lifesong Kenya.

This is an annual event where we usually cycle from Nairobi to a different destination. We’ll share updates of this year’s destination soon.

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