Bike Repair Basics Event

Do you desire to know how you can fix a deflated bike tire or clean your chain? 

Sign up for our Bike Repair Basics Event and learn how you can be your own bike mechanic. 

Your local bike shop may have a bike mechanic readily on call. However, you need to take your bike to him for major repairs. Yes, the truth is, you can fix a flat tire or a broken chain.

Bike Repair Basics Event

Our bike repair basics will equip you with bike mechanic skills that you need. All you need is a set of tools, the desire to learn and a willing spirit. This event will enable you to learn the following skills:-

  • fix a flat tire
  • repair a broken chain
  • replace a chain altogether
  • fix or replace a spoke
  • lubricate your bike’s moving parts

Now only will you learn valuable skills from our accomplished cycling experts. You will also learn where to buy the basic tools you need to fix basic problems.

What’s more, you may even start fixing your friend’s cycling problems and earn from it! How cool is that?

Meet Sam Ouma

Sam Ouma is one of the most amazing human souls that we've had the privileged to meet, cycle and work with. His eyes for details (well, he can surely memorize a vehicle's registration number and write about it later). He is also a gifted cyclist and bike mechanic whose creativity always leaves a bike smiling. When you need his mechanic services, kindly reach out to him on +254 745 704 516 or 0796 680 563

Bike Repair Basics Event
Sam Ouma: Cyclist & Bike Mechanic

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