About Me

Achieving the tangible results that you’re looking for is within your reach. Let’s co-create the transformation you desire.

About me

I can support you in achieving the results you’re looking for. Together, we will co-create your new reality.

About Me

Hi! I am James Ouma

My coaching journey has been full of very exciting adventure. In 2008, I needed to apply for a dream job. I knew I wasn’t qualified. But, I just applied and appeared for the job interview.

Four years later, I met 100 incarcerated male teens and immediately knew they needed what I wasn’t able to give. Having grown up without a father-figure, I doubted my ability to meet the needs of the boys. But, it turns out that my experiences growing up without a father-figure was the key.

My next biggest hurdle happened in 2014, when I wanted to get married and had no finances. I just approached the girl of my dreams and kept going. On October 31st 2015, I married the girl of my dreams!

If you need clarity or conviction or want to propose to the girl of your drams, just do it! I’m cheering and championing you on. 

How does my process work?

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Let's schedule for a Discovery Call where we can explore whether or not we're a perfect fit for a coaching relationship.

Book Your Coaching Session

Let's progress to booking your coaching session where we work together to co-create tangible the results.

Experience Your Growth

We've done it, oh yes we have! Together, we've made it happen and it is time to celebrate and keep reaching for more!

It gives me joy to see exceptional young men gain clarity, confidence and become the best they can ever be.
James Ouma, Clarity coach

Certifications and Experience

I combine my nonprofit work and life experiences with my years of coaching experience and learning from other coaches to get the best out of my clients. I work with my clients to identify actionable strategies they can use to achieve their identified goals. Since my clients are at a point where self-discovery can be mind-boggling, I put each of them and their situation at the centre by using attention, curiosity, tough love, intuition and creativity.

Co-Active Coaching

I am currently going through my Co-Active Coaching Training. Through the training, I was able to discover the Magical King inside of me and the Leader Within. I am really enjoying using the Co-Active Model and look forward to co-creating transformative change.

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