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I know the importance of finding clarity in your journey to success! Through our coaching time, you will develop the tools and confidence to take action. I will coach you to become the best you can ever be.

You are exceptional and unique and I will tailor my coaching to fit your needs. We will start where you are, using what you have and work towards your desired goals. If you want to find clarity that will empower you to be the best, then you’ve arrived at the right place!

James Ouma

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Celestine Odiwuor
Celestine OdiwuorLanguage Expert

I know a good man when I see one! I can boldly say that James is a good man. He is kind-hearted, likeable and able to find humour during the most difficult of times. His ability to use writing, pictures and music enables and empowers a person to have the courage to pursue their goals and dreams in life.

I met James after he had just quit his job to focus on his writing and mentoring boys in juvenile prison. Much as he was facing lots of challenges and had to stay with a friend, he had a positive outlook towards his future and the boys in juvenile prison. His writing sparked my creativity and passion for writing. He also made me realize the importance of little acts of kindness such as shaving boys in prison, sewing buttons and taking time to encourage and point them towards their desired goal and dream. I highly recommend him as a coach and writer.

Charles Edwards
Charles EdwardsFounder, Five Star Academy

I met James Ouma, for the first time in 2012, when he was working as a TV producer at KBC. The first special thing I noticed was the way he handled the children I had gathered to meet him. He asked the head boy to choose between him recording a TV program or having a long term character development program.

Because our children chose the second option, James decided to start coming to Five Star Academy. It is through working with James that Lifesong Kenya came in. James is leaving a permanent mark in the lives of our children. I vividly remember a session where James used a story entitled Turkana Finds Her Treasure. It was a mind blowing story. It taught my kids a lot; from creativity in composition writing to discovering their personal treasures and potential in life.

Since then, our young boys and girls have developed an attitude of working hard despite their challenges and limitations. I fully recommend James as a mentor and a coach.

John Wollwerth
John WollwerthFounder, Wollwerth Imagery

I met James in 2014, when he was teaching girls about their value as women and as people. He has made tremendous sacrifices to do the work that God has called him to do. I have met few people who have such a heart for those who are in difficult situations, and I believe there are big things ahead for him with working with children in prison and other seemingly hopeless places.

I also recommend James as a writer. His writing inspires and encourages people to do the small things that matter and transform lives.

Sophie Kutiti
Sophie KutitiGeologist

I got coached to perform Random Acts of kindness. We were in a mission, preaching at a crusade in Baragoi, Samburu County Kenya when James got his sewing kit and started sewing buttons on some of children’s clothes at the crusade grounds. Wow! I was humbled. He sewed buttons and torn shirts throughout the mission. His action was an eye opener and helped me to learn two things.

One is not to think that I’ve nothing to help, but use the available resources to make lives better. Two is that I always have something to give to the person next to me, everyone is valuable. With that we agreed to work together to make a huge difference in peoples’ lives, especially children, youth and their parents.

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