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Helping You to Find Clarity So You Can Forge Ahead

Clarity Life Coaching

Are you seeking for clarity that can enable you to set smart goals for your life, education or career?

Vision Board Making

Having the ability to see what your future looks like is key in forging ahead in your journey of success. Sign up!

Unlock & Find the New You

My purpose is to empower boys and male teens to achieve full potential through finding clarity and setting smart goals based on their unique strengths, abilities and values.

I believe that finding clarity empowers individuals to achieve their desired goals so they can live life to the fullest.

As a result, my focus is helping to spur exceptional male teens and young men towards setting clear goals that will unlock their full potential.


Find Your Clarity

Smart Goal Setting

Vision Boarding

Find Your Treasure

About Me

 I help boys and male teens to gain clarity, build confidence and conquer fear so they can take inspired action and start living fulfilled lives, even when it feels impossible and overwhelming.

Finding clarity may come easily for most adults, but for boys and male teens clarity can be a bit overwhelming and can stunt the growth and development of a young person. I know because it happened to me!


“After I got arrested in 2017, I lost all hope and wanted to give up. Thankfully, I met James who played ‘Listen’ by Beyonce. I was interested in what James had to share and wanted to live a better life.  James’ belief and encouragement helped me to go back to school. In 2019, I sat for KCPE and joined high school this year. Thank you Lifesong James!”

 – Waylong BULIMU

“When I signed up for coaching with James, I needed help with changing my character, behaviour and the way I looked at friendship. I had not met a man who was genuinely concerned about me and my progfress as a young man. Thank you James for changing my life and helping me to see my full potential!”

 – Teddy OCHUNG

“I met James Ouma when I was at a crossroad and needed help with finding clarity and setting smart goals. I also didn’t know my true identity (as a child of God), and appreciate this mentoring program for helping me to become a good leader, good actor, singer and an upcoming Master of Ceremony.

 – Basil KUNGU

Clarity Coaching Tools


Our coaching program targets male teens as individuals and in group set ups. If you have a teen who needs someone to walk to, then we are the go-to source to count on. In addition, we also offer counselling and guidance services for children.


If you ask a close friend about their success, they are likely to share about an influential mentor. And your son is no different. Your son needs ongoing support, hope, guidance, critical encouragement and experience.

Themed Events

Building Confidence & Self-Esteem

Our themed events use team building, camping, obstacle course, hiking experience, personal reflection and smart goal setting.

Born 4 Greatness Camp 2020

 Your son will go back to school energized and inspired to be the best he can ever be.​ Sign up your teen son for our last event in the month of April. We’ll learn positive masculinity through team building events on an obstacle course, hiking experience, personal reflection and smart goal setting for the next school term.

The Born 4 Greatness Camp 2020 participants will learn positive masculinity through:-

  • team building events
  • hiking experience
  • treasure hunt
  • personal reflection
  • smart goal setting

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